jueves, octubre 02, 2008

Special thanks to

1st of all i have 2 apologice cos of my awfull english written. I'll try 2 do my best but...i think it won't be enought. Anyway i'll be short, it is not going to take so much time.

This post is dedicated to one person's support. In my worst times she knews how to talk to me. She was rude, but she was always honest. I felt so comfortable, talking to her, beeing loyalty at the same time, meanwhile she was also true to myself despite the words throathed out of her lips could hurt me.

The things she said to me where so obvious but at the same time so dificult to react.It is said that true words can not be beautifull and beautifull words can not be true...and these ones were true.

I needed to cry, and she made it, i needed that she told me the fuckin truth, and she did it. I really apreciate her words. Last time i was busy to talk and she has gone, but i still have to apreciate all she have done to me. No things, no money, ain't nothing can compare with the feelings she demosntrate about me.

This post is for you kastoras, i will never forget this.

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